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We offer various training opportunities, depending on your level of interest and education.

Confocal Technician

Confocal microscopy is a new technology for non-invasive diagnosis of skin lesions. An important part of making a diagnosis in vivo is the acquisition of quality confocal images. We provide both online tutorials and hands-on training at our facilities for confocal technicians.

Mohs Technician

An essential part of Mohs micrographic surgery is the creation of quality frozen sections. We offer various levels of training for Mohs technicians.

Confocal Fellowship

Currently, there are no accredited fellowships available for confocal training in the United States. Most readers are self-taught or trained via expert guidance. Our team leader, Dr. Babar Rao, a leading authority in confocal microscopy, believes that confocal diagnosis should only be made by properly trained confocalists. Therefore, we offer a year-long fellowship in confocal microscopy for beginners, in addition to monthly observerships for physicians with some background knowledge of confocal microscopy.

Dermatopathology Training

While we are not currently offering an accredited fellowship in dermatopathology, we do offer various levels of observerships and internships. We accept students, residents, and fellows, from within the United States and internationally.

For more information about our training programs, please contact us at (559) 777-7117 or reach out via the online contact form today.

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EIV Diagnostics is an independent pathology laboratory focused on leveraging technology to provide cost-effective, cutting-edge diagnostic services to dermatologists and other physicians in North America and across the globe.